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November 1999

Melting the Cold Market

Does the "cold market" conjure up bleak images for you - a frozen tundra where Networkers meet endless rejection? Karl Jacobsen shares how he built a powerful team of frontline leaders out of what he prefers to call the "possibility market."

Recruiting Up

Elaine Nugent says, "Don't wait for success to approach the best people you know!" And it's not just for the sake of your override check. Learn the real reasons to "recruit up," plus 11 tips for maximum effectiveness.

From Cynical Spouse to
Business Partner

Entrepreneurial couples expert Azriela Jaffe shares the story of one happy Networker whose business took off when his spouse came around.

The Inferno Award

Find out how the new industry-wide leadership award can effect you, and why it means positive press for Networkers.

Are You an MLM Junkie?

John Counsel takes a close look at the "junkie" - who qualifies, who doesn't - and proposes a way to be involved in multiple companies (oooh) without jeopardizing your business. Sound dangerous? Hear him out.

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