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November/December 1998

Hitting Momentum with MORE

Ever wondered how the fastest growing group in your company does it? Networking leader Carol Waugh shares what her team did to hit momentum, and how they keep growing and going strong.

The Top 10 Strategies for Staging Successful One-On-One Presentations

Hilton Johnson, founder of MLM University, specializes in coaching "Network Marketers Who Hate Selling." With these simple, proven strategies, whether you're shy or confident in a one-on-one, you¼ll avoid common pitfalls and make a winning presentation.

Take Action Now with the Top 20 Excuse Busters

This article is going to drive some people crazy, because Ralph Marston smashes through just about every excuse your downline can possibly think of not to build the business today. (Naturally you've never made these excuses before....)

Interviewing vs. Recruiting

One hundred percent of the people Frank Keefer has personally worked with, following his system, have hit $100,000 annualized within 12 months. Bet you'd like to know his system. Here it is....

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