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October 1999

Why We Lose Sight
of Our Vision

Why does the vision statement that once felt so real it brought butterflies to your stomach now lie unread? Linda Reese Young and Joyce Jacobs give you the missing link between hope and reality.

"If You Keep On Doing
What You've Always Done . . ."

. . . you'll keep on getting what you've always gotten. Steve Taibbi takes this familiar Networking adage a step further to find out what the people who go on to get their desired new result actually do differently.

Networking in Perspective

Mark Stutz puts the business in perspective for your prospects, plus - find out why Teresa Epps is telling her downline they don't have to talk to people about the business anymore.

Applied Freedom

Some Networkers come to the business for the time and financial freedom. Others come because that freedom will make other dreams possible. Here, six Networkers share how they've applied their freedom to their passion.

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