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October 1997

Juristic Park

It's a zoo out there. . .and the jury's out. Some big legal questions are being raised in and around our industry; Upline's president brings you up to date--and asks for your help.

The Issue of Retail Sales

Is it legal to earn overrides, commissions or bonuses on wholesale, preferred customer or distributor purchases? It better be! Joe Mariano of the DSA explains the "issue" of retail sales, why some people are worried, and why he's not (very).

The FTC Speaks for Itself

The Federal Trade Commission has a great deal of power over the Network Marketing industry. What are they doing with it? We asked them. Directly.

The Legal Issue

Of all the challenges facing Network Marketers, nothing's more fundmental than the legal status of our industry. You need to be informed. . .and you need to know what you can do. Read this one cover to cover.

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