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   Resources for Network Marketing Professionals  October 1996
   NWM, is there a better way for a woman to have it all?  
  We have witnessed The Year of the Woman... The Decade of the Woman... and the smart money says we're about to enter The Millennium of the Woman. We are already seeing life (and work) on Earth shifting from having the answers to knowing the questions... hierarchies to teams... goal orientation to being fully engaged in the process... single-minded to open-minded... transaction-based to relationship-based... in short, from male to female. In the U.S., more than 7.7 million women have started their own businesses, employing 15.5 million people, generating $1.4 trillion in sales. In Network Marketing Direct Distribution, there are (a very conservative) 5 million women producing over $12.5 billion in sales. This issue of Upline is for all of them...  
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Conversations with Millionaires

Conversations with Millionaires
by Mike Litman and Jason Oman

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