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September 1998


S- is for Side-Tracked, E- is for Excited. R- is for Relationship-Building. I- is for.... Well, you get the idea. Master Networker Dennis Gaddy lays out the letters for you giving new and easy to remember) meaning to "Get Serious About Your Business."

The Four Great Fallacies
of Network Marketing

Ace Networker (from Down Under) John Counsel, likes to stir things up in his downline. In this wonderfully irreverent-- and totally relevant-- article, John butchers then barbecues four of Network Marketing's most sacred cows. "Nobody in Network Marketing is self-employed." Intrigued? Click the headline to read on...

Fraud in Leadership

A real leader is one who doesn't just tell it like it is, but is it like it is. Leadership is a state of being. And if you're into modeling a masterful leader, read this insightful and inspiring truth-telling by Mannatech's Ray Gebauer.

You Are The CEO
Of Your Own Life
and Work

According to industry expert and author of Beyond Success and The Joyful Spirit, Brian Biro, you really do just two things in Network Marketing: Build a team and lead them. And, Brian says, you can choose to do both in ways both joyous and fun. Read how: click the headline!

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