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July/August 1999

The Notification Principle

Do you know any Networkers who insist on keeping their business a secret? Art Jonak has met a few, but with his technique, spreading the word can be pain-free!

The Rite of Passage to Success

Today, Don Partridge is among the top earners in his company, but that hasn't always been true. After years as an "MLM junkie," he speaks with a survivor's wisdom about the transformation that is success.

A Declaration for Independent Businesspeople

Scott DeGarmo's new book Heart to Heart begins with an eloquent confirmation that you're on the right track!

The Fear of Prospecting Professionals

If you don't consider your professional friends to be approachable prospects, you're not alone. As professionals who've happily made the leap, however, Mark and Patty Meckler aim to change your mind.

Multidimensional Marketing and Your Business

Angela Moore, Networking consultant and author of Building a Successful Network Marketing Company, turns her attention to the future of our industry-- and your business. "Change is happening at the speed of now," she says. Will you be leading the trends, or following them?

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