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July/August 1998

How To Handle
Price Objections

If you've ever faced the widely-used objection "That's too expensive!" then you know how frustrating it can be. Karen Justice shows you how to neutralize a price objection and avoid encountering it ever again.

How Do You Convey
"The Big Picture"?

A number of you haved asked us to tackle this question. So, we did what always works best: Posed the question to successful Upline Subscribers and brought the answers back to you. Check it out!

Fear- Take It On As A Project

Many Networkers start off afraid to talk to people, and then recede into guilt when their businesses don't grow the way they hoped. In Part 2 of his article on contacting, Coy Barefoot examines this emotional rollercoaster and how to make sure it doesn't drive you or your people out of the business.

Abundance Is Yours-
Claim It

Network Marketing can be a model for achieving abundance in your relationships, time and money. For those of you who don't yet "feel abundant," author and seminar leader Teresa Romain gives you the insight and easy-to-use tools you'll need to make the shift into living in abundance.

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