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July/August 1997

Taking Your Home-Based
Tax Advantages to the Bank

How much can you really deduct on your taxes? Lots! Upline CEO Graham Anthony shows you how to do the math.

Internet: Help or Hindrance?
How WWW Is Affecting Network Marketing

Profit Now publisher Chuck Huckaby evaluates 1996's online Networking. Find out what happened, what's happening and where we're headed.

Are You Sabotaging Your Success...?

If you're not earning as much as you'd like in your business, you might be undermining your own success. Pat Pearson tells you why and how -- and how to stop sabotaging yourself.

Forget About Heavy Hitters --
Go for the Real Leaders

Prospecting for those "Gold Ships"? You may be looking for love -- and leaders --
in all the wrong places. Karen Justice tells you where the real business-builders are...

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