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June 1999

Fire Up Your Goals!

The ever-fired up Jan Ruhe skips the pep talk and gives you nuts-and-bolts answers to the distributor questions she hears most.

How To Make Networking Pay

Mel Kaufmann shares advanced time leveraging tips, Networking advice, and a heads-up that you may be stealing money from yourself.

Presentation No-Shows?

Kevin Vincent says, "don't come crying to me!" He has the craziest no-show story we've ever heard, so have some laughs. (Maybe you haven't had it so bad after all.)

Three Rules Leaders Know

Michael Clouse lets you in on the "Three Rules of Three" that every Networking leader knows, and challenges you to survey the 25 top leaders in your company.

Four Strange Insights to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter does it again. Find out here whether your distributors are really lazy, why building leaders is easy, what to do when the baby cries and much more...

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