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May 1999

What Part of "NO" Dont You Understand?

On a date, of course, "No" means NO. In Network Marketing, though, there's a lot more to that little word than you might think. Steve Spaulding gives you a new way to hear it and a new way to respond.

Romantic Semantics

Network Marketing's greatest critic, Len Clements, also happens to be one of it's biggest fans. Here, the author of Inside Network Marketing and the Case Closed! prospecting tape vents frustration about less-than-ethical industry turns of phrase. He'll make you laugh and much more.

Build Prospect Confidence With Testimonials

"If you haven't been actively using testimonials to build your Network Marketing Business, get excited-- prospecting just got a whole lot easier!" Susanna Hutcheson tells you why and how.

Bookkeeping 101 for Network Marketers

Networker/accountant Tom Willett gives you the bare-bones basics for educating your new distributors on how to "mind the store."

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