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April 1998

Stop, Look & Listen

Networking leaders frequently tell us to listen to our prospects... If you aren't seeing results, check out the 11 reasons "why you can't hear what other people are saying"-- you may find both your answer and the solution in the same place!

Make That Call!

Amway is the biggest and oldest company in the industry-- and they're still growing, too. For every critic of the Amway-way, there's an Amway distributor succeeding in the business, and it all starts with that first call... Here's what they say!

Just Say "No"

Here are the winning essays for the Ms. STUD Contest that sent 10 lucky people who learned how to say "No" first to the Orlando Masters Weekend!

The Pain and Pleasure
of Prospecting

Ever heard the saying, "If it ain't fun, it won't get done"? Well, even if prospecting never becomes your favorite activity, Jack Rosen gives you a sure-fire formula for getting yourself to get it done and have fun doing it!

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