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March 1999

Making It Through Hard Times

Last year, Federal regulators forced Kerry Brown and Richard Larkin's company to close its doors. Here they look back on their most challenging times in Network Marketing

The Importance of
Three-Way Calls

If three-way calls are so important, why don't more people do them? By Would You Like to Dig in My Goldmine? author Rod Nichols.

"Should I Stick With It?"

You've been plugging away at your business, but so far, the extra income isn't as extra as you hoped. The question is "should I stick with it?" Here's how Kim Paciotti (who knows this question well) came to an answer.

Wave Four

"Worldwide, this industry is unstoppable," declares Wave Three's famous Richard Poe. This is the best third-party credibility piece we've ever read-- and a preview of what you can expect in our new publication Network Marketing LIFESTYLES. Check it out!

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