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March 1998

Have You Lost Your Marbles?

Jay Clark and Linda Young take a unique and powerful approach to prospecting. If you're suffering from the plague of ambivalence, try their approach on for size (it's surprisingly painless... even fun).

Focus: Your #1 Tool
For MLM Success

"I just really need to focus on my business..." Ever heard or said that before? Well, let's stop saying it and do it-- it's super-successful Networker Jan Ruhe's most important piece of advice. Find out why.

Guiding Principles: The Secret
of a Leader's Success

According to Kirk Rector, there is one thing that determines whether you are a leader that people will follow. Do you have it?

The Networking Game

Ever wonder how to inspire a slow-building downline? Try Diane Gustwiller's easy and fun techniques for motivating people to pick up the pace.

If You Don't Have A
Home-Based Business,
Start One Today!

We know you're already in, but this one's for your prospects. Sandy Botkin of the Tax Reduction Institute makes a strong case for why the tax benefits of a home-based business alone are reason enough for everyone in their right mind to get started immediately.

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