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February 1999

How To Increase Your People Power

If you want to succeed in Network Marketing, you need to be an expert networker. And that doesn't just mean joining your Chamber of Commerce. Networking expert Donna Fisher gives you 12 ways to up your proficiency and start really leveraging your network.

How and When to Retail

We all know it's "good to retail," but how many actually do it? Elaine Nugent presents an argument for retail and against auto-ship.

MLM Culture Shock

This industry has a culture all its own-- and according to leaders Trese and Paul Pomerville, people used to "corporate" culture are in for a shock. They say, to prevent attrition, help your new distributors adjust now.

Fourth Generation Thinking

Author and long-time Networker John Counsel explains why Network Marketing is the most advanced business system ever invented.

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