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February 1998

Women On Fire!

Have you ever come home from a convention full of excitement only to lose your momentum a few weeks later? Find out what a group of Networking women is doing to keep their motivation-- week after week after month after month.

How To Make Your
Business Irresistibly

Karen Justice, author of Barracuda In Bunny Slippers, shows and tells you how to make an all-natural presentation that creates an irresistible attraction between your prospect and your opportunity. Don't buy it? Well, just try it.

Getting People Started
A 12 Month Plan That Really Works

Russ DeVan's simple system for getting people started in the business the right way makes sure your new distributors will still be in the business a year from now - and they'll be making money too. Here's a proven, easy-to-do success plan that works for everyone who works with the plan.

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Conversations with the Masters, Album Two

Leadership, the inner side of Greatness
by Peter Koestenbaum

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