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The Heart
of Leadership

Each with ten years of successful Networking under her belt, Linda Avery and Connie Dugan argue against the industry's tendency to hold a few over the rest, and call instead for a version of leadership that everyone can be part of - from day one.

February 2000

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Expanding the Possible

Personal excellence coach Sheila Murray Bethel takes a look at one of Network Marketing's best qualities and, for leaders, greatest responsibilities. For all of us, it starts with the same unavoidable first step...

Networking's Latino Potential

Carlos Gueits has been extremely successful building his business in Spanish-speaking communities. Here, he explains why and how you should branch into this market of "natural Networkers."

10 Keys to Recruiting Generation X

Jennifer Cummings, successful Networker and new president of The Young Networkers Association, shares the top ten things you can do to attract entrepreneurial twentysomethings to your business.

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