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January 1999

The Six Week Action Course

If you've yet to get the unmistakable synergy of real teamwork going in your group, read on. Millionaires in Motion CEO Pat Davis shares what it is about their Six Week Action Course that's helped Networking teams create momentum.

Three Keys to a Profitable Business

Doug Taylor goes back to the most commonly forgotten basics of making your Network Marketing business profitable. You may be one of the ones who forgot-- if you are, get ready to give yourself a raise.

"Why Can't I Sponsor People?"

Networking leader Gary Thompson hears this question all the time. Here, he shares the answer he's come up with-- why they "can't" and how they can.

10 Principles For Your Success

Joe Tye had a bad impression of our industry, but as Director of the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship, he knew he had to learn the facts. Now he believes Network Marketing will shape our economy even more than franchising. Here are ten principles to make your business a part of that success.

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