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January 1998

How To Make 1998
Your Best Year Ever

It may be simpler than you think. Upline Senior Editor Michael Clouse gives you eight steps that-- if you take them-- will make 1998 your best year (ever!)

Taking Action To Reach
The Next Level In Your

Peggy Long is kicking off this year with this challenging theme in her own business, and in this exclusive interview, she lets you in on just how she's going to do it (and how you can too!)

The Motivation Mystique

Ever wonder why you don't wake up motivated every day? Wonder no more. Pat Pearson explains why you don't and how you can.

The Three Phases
Of Growth
Of Network Marketing

Only by knowing how far we've come and how far we have to go can we truly leverage where we are. And according to trend-watcher Neil Anderson, we are in a very good place indeed. Find out how your business is growing with the industry.

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