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Millennium Leadership
for Networkers

Leadership is Doug Firebaugh's passion. Here, the Inferno Leadership Award creator and PassionFire International CEO takes an up-close look at what it takes to be a dynamic leader and suggests Ten Leadership Commandments for the new millennium.

January 2000

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"When I'm Diamond..."

Network Marketing promises an abundant lifestyle, but are you living it? Teresa Romain launches the new Abundance Column with some tough questions, some hard answers, and a vote for having more fun!

Why E-Commerce Needs Network Marketing - Now!

He told it like it was in Who Stole the American Dream and now he's fired up again. In this article adapted from his newest book, Dreambiz.com, Burke Hedges argues that e-commerce needs Network Marketing and you to reach its full profit potential.


Steve Spaulding makes a case for contribution as the single most effective way to grow your business. Think Steve's probably been to a few too many personal growth courses? Well, if you're less than satisfied with your current numbers, we suggest you hear him out

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